Brainteaser answers…

Here is the long-awaited solution to the absolutely MADDENING Christmas 2010 Brainteaser.

We were delighted at how many we sold, and astonished that so many people spent such a long time unravelling it.  Our  Brainteaser compiler David Lennard received 28 answer sheets, with 11 people scoring more than 90. Fantastic!
For the full list of answers, click here (
122KB pdf download).

Special congratulations go to:

1st:  Chris Chantler, Bath with a stunning 99 points (£50 prize).
2nd:  Jean Baker from Derbyshire with 97 points, and… (£30 prize)

3rd:  Wayne Allen, of Greasby, Wirral with 96.5 points. (£20 prize).
Their cash prizes will be sent to them very soon…

The remaining entrants scored as follows:

Brian Stewart   95.5

Mr J.E Taylor   95.5

Paul Fairfield   95

Mrs J. De Prez   94

John R. Gill   93.5

Mrs S.T. Nicholls   92.5

Richard Pownall   90.5

Nikki Thomson   90.5

Mrs K. Damen   89

Miss Ingrid Jones   89 

Angela Sant    89

S. Grogan  80

Vikki du Bois  86.5

Jill Lowry  85.5

Miss Christine Byrne  85

Jean Warley  84.5
R.H. & P.M. Amery  83

Eleanor Blore  82.5

D.M. Jones  81

Edna Crummie  80.5

Mr M.J.Dowsett  80

Marc Shaw  78

David Stott  77.5

Diane Humble  72.5

Mrs Hartley  65 

In addition to those above, who submitted their brainteasers for marking, many hundreds of people bought them and battled with them throughout the autumn and Christmas seasons. Thank you all so much for supporting Forsight while driving yourselves potty in the process!

If you would like us to run another brainteaser in the summer, do email and let us know at so we can gauge interest…

We think they are the perfect (low weight) addition to a holiday suitcase – and a great way to help us save sight in Wirral, Merseyside and beyond… If enough of you agree, we will make sure another one is ready for you, just after Easter… Thank you all, so much, for your support.

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  1. See what I mean? A brainteaser or puzzle will keep your audience coming back. An excellent idea for fund raising. Too many fund raisers think participants are a one time donation and this does not need to be the case. I learned this from a fund raising class I took in Chicago. Sometimes the simple things end up being the most fruitful.

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