Rapid Hardware's fantastic gift…

Those fantastically generous people at Rapid Hardware in Liverpool have ensured that Forsight's plant sales this year will break all records…

The store heard on BBC Radio Merseyside about our efforts to grow garden plants for sale in aid of the Appeal and they immediately offered to supply us with all the flower seeds we could possibly use. We collected the parcel on Saturday… and discovered within it an absolute feast of flowers to grow and sell – £100 worth of seed which will convert into thousands of pounds over the coming years.

The Forsight Appeal Committee – and anyone in Merseyside who has an eye problem now, or in the future, which will require an operation – owes Rapid a very big thank you: their generosity has made a very real contribution to saving sight in Merseyside.

The pictures here show just the very start of the growing, which began as soon as we were back from Liverpool! The seeds on the bench are only those which can be planted in February; there are many more boxes of them for planting in March, April and May.

* We should also acknowledge again the generous gift of herb and vegetable seed from Suttons, which will also be grown for sale. A full list of the plants which we will have for sale – and how you can buy them – will be posted on this website before the end of March. If you would like more information before then about how you can buy plants in aid of Forsight – or you would like to circulate lists to colleagues and friends to ensure we make as much money as possible – please email jenny@forsightappeal.org.uk

2 thoughts on “Rapid Hardware's fantastic gift…

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