After nearly two years of hard
work by our fundraisers, and the extraordinary generosity of the people of
Wirral, we have reached our target of £150,000 to buy the wonderful EYESI
surgical simulator for Arrowe Park Hospital’s Eye Department.


It fulfils our dream to be one
of the first units in the country to have this marvellous technology – and
junior surgeons will now be able to train in cataract and retinal (back of eye)
surgery in the safe environment of virtual reality.

One of the senior members of the
Eye Team, Mr Mark Watts, is the Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ national lead
on training and leads the training of our young surgeons at Arrowe.


His delight at this wonderful achievement is
clear: “I can honestly say that in the 18 years we have worked at Arrowe
we have never come across such amazing generosity from the public and patients
and I can not find words to express our gratitude both to them and to the
tireless fundraisers who worked so hard to drive this forward and raise an extraordinary
£150,000 in less than two years. 


“We already are using the
cataract simulator on a daily basis to train our junior surgeons and now the
addition of the new equipment and software to allow us to train in retinal
surgery as well will really put us at the forefront of eye care nationally.


“Thank you to every person who
donated money, goods or time to the EYESI. Your generosity has helped us save
the sight of many people in Wirral.”


But the fundraising won’t stop here… 


Eye problems mostly are associated with age, and Wirral has a very high
proportion of older people who need the very best possible eye team near them, protecting their vision when problems


The Arrowe Park Eye Team still has a shopping list of equipment they
want, to keep them at the very peak of their specialism. If you would
like to join the Forsight team and help raise money to support this crucial
work – do get in touch.


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  1. Congratulations on attaining your goal within two years! That's amazing considering the state of the world's economy. I noticed besides the ocular department you have a trauma and a Orthopaedic unit. Do you do cosmetic surgery in your hospital such as breast surgery?

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