Christmas 2011 Brainteaser solution and winners…

Well done to all the winners and runners up who submitted entries to the Forsight Christmas 2011 challenge.

You just carry on amazing us! There were many very commendable answers, but the laurel wreath goes (once again) to our regular winner Chris Chantler of Bath with a magnificent score of 97, winning him a cheque for £50.

Second, and earning a £30 cheque, is Alan Flynn of Hunts Cross, Liverpool, who was pipped to the podium by Chris with just a one point margin.

Third is another old friend, Wayne Allen, of Greasby, Wirral whose score of 94 scoops him a cheque for £20. Very well done to all of them.

Then, in order of their scores, came:
91 Margaret Donald
90.5 Brian Stewart
87.5 Jean Baker
87 G. Clarke
86.5 M.J. Clarke
83.5Sue Batch
82 Debbie Rock
80.5 Diane Humble
80.5 Melanie Garner
79.5 Mrs S.P. Beverley
78.5 Tom Ainsworth
77.5 Brian Stone
77.5 Jean Redsell
68 Jill Wickes
59 Polly Helliar
57 Mrs A. Boulter

To download the solutions, just click here (150kb pdf).

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